Before you write us about a problem or complaint, please check the list below, since someone else might have already run into the same issue where we have provided a solution:

Questions about login:

Q: I cannot login to the game, I always get an error, saying I can only play on a single page. However I made sure to log out every time from each window. What could be the problem?
A: This login issue is caused by Internet Explorer, which cannot handle the login request from the game by simply closing the browser window. The solution is to close every single IE window, after this step, login should work perfectly once the page is refreshed in a newly opened window.
Q: Please send me the password for user X, because I forgot it!
A: In case you forgot your password, the only solution is to use the “forgotten password” option on the site, which will not give you your old password but will allow you change your existing password to a new one. Only the person who gets the change password e-mail will be able to change the password. All passwords on our system are protected and even if we wanted to, we cannot just give you your password because even we don't have access to it. I hope you understand that requests of this sort are unrealistic, since we would not give out anyone's private information even if we had the data.

Questions about profile pages:

Q: I have invited many friends with the invite friend option in the game, and they have been playing for days, however I haven't received the invite friend bonuses after these invites.
A: The invite friend bonuses are only credited for validated active players. This means that it is not enough simply to register to the game, the invited friend has to actually enter the game and to play. If this step is not met, so if the friend just gives their name and e-mail, we feel that the player is not serious about the game, maybe they entered invalid registration details, or the invites sent out are seen as spam, even fraud on the part of the inviting player.
Q: How can I change my e-mail?
A: If you wish to choose a new e-mail for your MachoPoker.com profile, login to your profile page, then click the “Change profile” link on the top right. Choose the “E-mail” field and enter the address that you want to use in the future. Be very careful when entering the e-mail address, because if you give a wrong one, you can say goodbye to your account. Once you have changed the e-mail, you will receive a new confirmation to this address and you can finalize the change by clicking the activation link in this e-mail.
Q: How can I change my e-password?
A: If you wish to choose a new password for your MachoPoker.com account, login to your profile page, then click the “Change profile” link on the top left. Choose the “Password” field and enter your new password, and the the new one again as a confirmation. Keep in mind that password must be at least 6 characters in length, and must contain both lower and uppercase letters as well as numbers. For your security, user names and passwords should not be similar!
Q: I have sent out an invite to someone I do not wish to invite. Can I cancel the invitation?
A: Our system is in most cases fully automatic. It can happen that you send out a bundle of invitations through the Facebook invite feature. The only solution is to unfriend them in the game. You will still receive the invite bonus if someone that you invited meets the play criteria for the bonus.
Q: I have been looking for a way to change by username but have not found it. What can I do?
A: Unfortunately our system does not allow the change of usernames, however there is a way to start with a new account. If you register a new account, you will not be able to use the same e-mail address, since our system keeps track of all e-mails and will reject duplicate accounts. Only choose this option is you need to, because all your chips, bonuses, prizes and stats will be lost.
Q: How can I delete my profile?
A: If you have made up your mind and you are sure that you wish to suspend your MachoPoker.com user profile or if you definitely wish to have your account deleted, please write to our online support and they can help you out. We would like to warn you, that you will need to choose a new e-mail for your account if you ever wish to create a new one, your old e-mail will not be available despite its deleted status.

Questions about MachoPoker.com games:

Q: I have no more chips. What can I do?
A: After logging in to the game, you will find yourself in the game lobby, where you may get another package of 1000 free starting chips on the top right of the menu by clicking the “Refill” button. You can request this bonus as many times as you like, (a maximum of once per hour) if your balance falls under 1000 chips. If you want more chips to play at higher stakes tables or games, you can see all chip package options under the “Buy Chips” menu option.
Q: I played yesterday on MachoPoker.com, and when I logged out I had about 60000 chips. I came back today and my balance keeps getting lower and lower. I haven't played since yesterday, so I don't know where my chips have disappeared.
A: We are happy to look into any kind of system error, since we want a smooth and perfect service for our players and to avoid similar problems in the future. However, the problem has in almost all cases been the player or a special case – the player simply lost the balance with a big all-in or even in smaller steps; the players' friends or relatives sat down to play with the same account and lost the balance; or the player chose a password that is too similar to the username and the account was hacked. These instances are all out of our control and we have taken steps to rule out even the possibility of such errors. For example, the system requires passwords of at least 6 characters, with lower and uppercase letter as well as numbers, however even with there restrictions, they can be guessed if too basic. Just try to avoid easy combinations and make sure that no one is playing with your account.
Q: If I enter a private table, how many chips does it cost? What is the password? And for how long does a private table remain open?
A: It costs nothing. If the table is password protected, you should request an invitation from the player who created the table. A private table remains active if at least one person is sitting down. Spectators can view the table, however thy cannot sit down without a password.
Q: I just lost a lot of chips on MachoPoker.com, since the game ruled my opponent's KK stronger than my JJJ. And this has happened many times already! Please fix the program!
A: If anyone finds an error of this nature and magnitude in the game logics, we would be extremely surprised and appreciative, since this is the basis of our operation and we cannot allow “game rule” errors in the game. For this reason we treat all such user inquiries with the utmost care, and can look up all game information if we have the session or game round ID. For such submissions, make sure to include the “Current round” unique ID number from the top left corner of the table for poker games, and/or the complete hand history from “Game history” tab (VIP feature), or a screenshot of the actual game hand (Print screen OR Camera icon at table, share to FB, then send us the pic). Please make sure to double-check this information before you send it to us, because we have had numerous complaints where it turns out that the opponent's hand wasn't actually what the claim says or even the player's own hand was different from what they thought. It happens, people make mistakes. So again, please look over the full information before you send it and claim that the system is wrong.
Q: Tell me what the f***k is going on with this s***t game, one day I win a lot, the second day I can't win a f***king hand. F***k you, you d***k-sucking motherf***ers! Learn what kind of hands are available on other poker pages, you f***ks, these hands are never there on their sites. F***k your game, you b***ches!
A: We hope no-one expects that we stand in front of a flipchart all day and plan funny hand combinations, for a couple hundred thousand worth of chips. And especially those that don't appear on other real-money poker pages! This also begs the point that, like the person who submitted the issue, we also analyzed the hand availability on other poker pages and we also have a list of hands that are not available there. For those that don't get the irony and still think the game cheats: the random nature of the hand count works the same exact way as on all poker pages – all hand combinations are “available”. We use a random number generator that makes sure that statistically, and in the long term, all hand combinations will appear and that the system remains “fair”. This is the basis of the games, so it is not in our interest, or time and resources, to tweak an already perfectly functioning system. Furthermore, the system is monitored automatically, so we don't spend time at the tables, cheating each player individually with tailored hands, as some conspiracy theorist believe. In case anyone wants to learn more about random number generators and probability calculations, to find out why it is totally realistic to get a bad hand when least expected or to get beat by a surprise hand, we suggest they read up on the topic.

We use this random number generator, with a 1024 bit seed:
This is how we shuffle the deck:

The possible hand combinations in a 52 cards deck:
52! = 8.06581752 × 1067

In relation: scientists estimate the number of atoms in the universe to be between 4×1079 and 1081.
Q: What can I do if a player is always swearing and cursing in the game, instead of playing?
A: If any player becomes a problem and is constantly disturbing other players, and we also receive multiple complaints, the problematic user will be notified. In case the issue only affects a single player, it is possible to “mute” the player by clicking the ban icon on their avatar image. The icon will change to red, in which case messages sent by this player will not be shown.
Q: I deleted my avatar image in the MachoPoker.com game and have uploaded a new one. The problem is it still shows my old avatar in the game and at the game tables. The new one is nowhere to be seen.
A: You can upload an avatar image to be used in the game under your profile menu in the game itself, using the “Change avatar” option. There might be a slight delay between your upload and when the new image will appear in the game and on the site.
Q: How come it happens sometimes that even though I won, the pot is divided among multiple players?
A: This is according to the rules of the game. Here is an example: I call All-in and my opponent has more chips than me. In this case I can only win an amount of chips equal to what I had bet (double down), the difference is always returned. The case gets more complicated if more than two players go All-in, and some of them have more chips than the amount of the All-in, in which case the game and betting will continue between them.
Q: What are the strength and efficiency values in the game?
A: Strength and efficiency are two values that show how good or even how lucky a player has been. Strength shows the average number of chips won or lost per hand. This number will be higher if you play at higher stakes. It is only shown for players who have at least 1000 hands played. Efficiency shows the percentage ratio of chips bet and chips won, not dependent on the size of the stake. Win ratio shows the percentage of hands played and won. We recommend you keep track of these indicators for yourself and your opponents so you can see with whom you are playing.
Q: I have purchased a Machochip package with creditcard/SMS, but I have not received my chips!
A: We understand how irritating it can be when you don't receive something you have paid for immediately. We have not found a payment provider who is 100% reliable and even for us, our SMS gateway sometimes (about twice a year) decides to do maintenance updates that affect transactions. So it can happen that your payment is stuck somewhere between our system and those of our payment providers. In these instances, our network administrators immediately start looking into the problem and strive to fix it as soon as possible. However, it does not hurt to send us some information via e-mail about your case:
  • What kind of package did you purchase and when?
  • How did you pay for the package (CreditCard or SMS)
  • What is your display name?
  • In case of SMS, what is your phone number and the confirmation code you got on your mobile?
  • In case of CreditCard, what is your transaction number?